Item group-by, item types, themes 
User request

Items can now be grouped/classified such that feedback listings can be grouped and viewed in by category: introducing item types

We are providing default items types for 

  • Feature Request
  • Article
  • Episode

which you can extend by adding your own types. For example, to collect items for your software product, you can introduce types "integration" and "image handling" such that viewers interested in the category can view items independently.

Item types can be anything: a type can be a category, area, language, market, area or any other topic. To decide for items types just ask yourself: what object will my users request?

For feedback listings related to software, the "Feature Request" will be most useful and you can add your own types. For Podcasts, you will find "Episode" most useful, while "Feature Request" can be switched off. Likewise, "Article" is for media publishing. Game developers can introduce "Weapon", "Character", "Level" - or anything else that the game deals with. 

To keep things simple you can also leave items without a type assigned, showing type "-none-" in the dashboard and without filter dropdown in the feedback board.