A roadmap tool for mobile app developers
Use Case

App development is fun. And it sucks because it's a highly competitive market, only the best mobile apps succeed and prosper. Building what users really want is essential for success. Feature voting identifies the most attractive enhancements to your app so you know what's popular with your users.

As a mobile app developer, or studio managing a portfolio of apps, you want to focus on app development. But you also have to manage other activities like collecting user feedback and inbound/outbound communications.

Mobile app development is traffic-driven and users take quick decisions. They download your app and decide to keep it or throw it away within seconds. Active users are easily repelled when something is not up to expectations. Whether on Android or iOS, optimizing your app and meeting user expectations is an important part of the business. To rank high in app stores, identifying the most popular features to build next is crucial. Giving users what they really want can convert users to super-engaged fans.

Usually, you have a list of ideas in your backlog. You have a roadmap with strategic ideas, features requested by users and small improvements. But you can't build all at once, you need to decide and you need to find out what's popular with users.


List of ideas - my roadmap

  • idea 1
  • idea 2
  • idea 3
  • #4 improvement
  • #5 fix 
  • #6 integration to...

So which feature do you add to your mobile app? There are various factors contributing. Long term roadmap, strategy and user popularity are the strongest drivers because they support your app's growth. There is a simple way of finding the most popular idea on your list: feature voting. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Create a product listing for your mobile app on Productific

Step 2: Add a description and app store link.

Step 3: list all your roadmap ideas for feature voting.

Step 4: publish the URL of your roadmap page to users. You can simply add a link in your Google Play or App Store listing, you can also add links on your website. To kick off user engagement, mention the feature voting page in newsletters and Facebook posts.

Done. From here on users can influence your app's roadmap. They can vote for the features they want so you can identify the most popular ideas on your roadmap. The product feedback page on Productific works like a to-do list for your app development: between all ideas listed you know which are most attractive to your users.

Productific is a free roadmap software for mobile app developers and others. Setting up feature voting is a quick exercise, you can take customer feedback beyond what's possible in Google Play and Apple app store. By using Productific as your roadmap tool you can focus development efforts on what your users really want: building the most popular features. 

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Optional: Besides feature voting you can also add a roadmap listing and changelog for your mobile app. The changelog listing goes beyond what Google Play and iOS app store's version history provides. You can add more content describing the features and help users with a how-to page for that particular feature. The roadmap listing works the same way: tell users what's up next on your roadmap with a detailed feature description so they can stay tuned. Search engines will start indexing that feature description and guide new traffic towards your app.

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