SEO with Productific

While the primary goal of Productific is to decide what to build next via roadmap voting, the product listing also publicly displays your product's capabilites. Like any public listing it is relevant to marketing and visibility in search engines.

Your product listing contributes to the SEO strategy for your product

Optimized product listing are in line with the product marketing strategy. They describe vision and capabilites according to the product positioning, wording matches with the product's website and features listed for feedback are conclusive. Think: on-page, white hat, content SEO.

We experience higher user engagement and better search visibility for product listings when details and context are provides to the reader. Each roadmap, changelog and doc listing can be displayed in search results and drive traffic to your product. When targeting a specific user problem (e.g. 'price watch app'), a how-to document listed on Productific can catch additional search traffic for your product: 'How to watch eBay prices with App XYZ'.

Targeting search results for use cases slightly outside your product's sweet spot can be a great source for new leads: Users find a related product listing and request new features that would make it a good fit for their need. - Where else can you do that for your Product?

While you SEO the content of the product listing we handle the engineering part. Title, description and meta tags are applied automatically. Productific includes basic search engine optimization (SEO) in all product listings.

Please note: This is a small contribution to your overall SEO strategy. The main purpose of a product listing on Productific is not SEO, focus must remain on collecting feedback for your product roadmap. All outgoing links are marked "nofollow".