Product Team

What is a product team?

A product team is a group of people working on product-related activities for the majority of their time. Usually, these people are organized as a team or virtual team in order to foster communication and alignment.


Activities covered by a product team usually cover

  • Product Management
    General administrative activities are ideally centered in the product team in order to forster their operative alignment.

  • Product Ownership
    Ownership comes with power and responsibilities, extending well beyond administrative product management. This particularily includes owning the Product Backlog, prioritizing investment decisions, and aligning the product strategy with the organization's strategy.

  • User facing Design
    Optimizing the product for the users' perspective.

  • Technical Design & Architecture
    Optimizing the product internal structure of the product. 

  • Marketing
    Inbound and outbound communication related to the product.

  • Alignment
    Alignment with stakeholders is usually centered in the product team, in particular alignment with development and operations departments.

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