A roadmap tool to prioritize features on a product roadmap
Use Case

Productific is a roadmap tool for prioritizing features and running a product roadmap with feature voting, roadmap and changelog.

You have that genious idea for a product enhancement. Now you need to decide whether to actually build it. You need to find out if that idea actually catches with your users and how it ranks compared to other enhancements your users want. Should you go ahead, invest and build it, or better build something else?

Productific helps you choose the best ideas from your roadmap by prioritizing according to customer feedback. Identifying the most promising ideas is automated based on data.

To start, list your improvement idea and describe it. Ideas can be anything like additional features, small improvements or major versions of your product. You describe what the idea does, explain which problem it solves and how it gives value to your users. Describe ideas from your users’ perspective you they understand where this goes. You can add images, sketches, and external links. Double check that your users can understand the idea’s intention and benefit when reading the feedback page.

Then publish your new idea to your users. You can go via Facebook, newsletter, user group or simply add a note to your website. Ask your users to provide feedback. Various feedback options are available: users can give a simple up-vote, log in and vote with their name or even subscribe to news and send comments.

You can choose to activate feedback options individually to match your needs. For example, you can choose to activate voting and subscribing to updates where votes will give you an indication and customers being really-really interested in the feature will subscribe to related news.

Upvote give your customers the ability to add their +1 to the vote counter for a feature idea.

Subscribe give your customers the ability to stay in the loop on news about this feature request. For example, you can email them when it’s built and available for purchase.

Comment give your customers the option to provide quality content feedback. They can suggest improvements to the feature request and tell you where to go with the idea.

Productific displays real-time statistics of user feedback for your product improvement ideas and also traffic (Views) on your idea feedback page. Additionally, there is an overall Activity indication aggregating the feedback channels. You can also account for Reverted feedback where customers changed their mind on a vote/subscription, after all this also gives you an indication of general baseline customer interest in that product improvement.

Based on this feedback data you decide if you want invest into an idea. By collecting feedback from customers and prospects you can prioritize the product improvements listed in your product backlog. On top of automating the backlog prioritization process, the idea feedback page generates sales leads for you: prospects are showing their intend to buy a product enhancement before you even invested into development.

Customers automatically prioritize your feature backlog and communicate their product demands to you.

Automatically identify the most popular ideas, decide what to build next and generate leads

Instead of solely relying on your gut feeling or going by management decision you can run a product feedback page on Productific to prioritize your roadmap. Productific is a tool for managing roadmap feedback. You can decide what to build next based on real customer feedback data.

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