Collecting feedback for idea


On top of the existing features we want to introduce checklists where each item can be checked as 'done' or 'open'. Checklists can be used for repetitive tasks like the weekly grocery shopping or preparing your family for travel. 


Example #1: your Friday's grocery shopping checklist

My must-have checklist for the weekend

    ☑ milk
     apples or bananas

Example #2: your hodilay preparations can look like this

Surf vacation travel preps
     surf equipment check
     flight & transfer documents
     local money?

Checklists can be shared between users, such that you and your partner/friend can check off things together in a shared effort. Checklists can also be copied, cleared and reset to 'open'.

Shall we add checklists to the Note Monger app?

Would you be willing to pay for the extra value of using checklists?

Let us know via the feedback buttons below.